Rosmead Central Primary School


core values


Our Vision

Rosmead Central Primary School was established in 1940 under the auspices of the Coloured Affairs Department to serve the communities of Claremont, Kenilworth, Harfield and Lansdowne.

Initially, the school only catered for Std 4, 5 and 6, but as numbers continued to grow other tandards were introduced. In the latter half of the 1950’s the building became too small to accommodate all the pupils up to Std 6. The Std 6s’ along with their teachers amalgamated and moved to become part of Livingstone High School.

At Rosmead we are committed to producing enthusiastic team players who are goal orientated, committed to quality, well rounded education and radiates the core values within any cultural, diverse learning community.

It is also our aim to produce learners who are creative, productive, academically successful, highly respected and responsible citizens.

  • To provide a warm welcoming secure environment for all learners.
  • Developing a positive self-value in each child.
  • Encouraging and recognizing each child's special gifts and attributes.
  • Developing self-discipline, independence and responsibility.
  • Inculcating caring attitudes and actions towards others.
  • Respecting the individuality and diversity of all.
  • Encouraging family involvement in school activities.
  • To provide a broad, balanced, carefully planned curriculum.
  • To encourage and enable the continuous professional development of all staff.

With the implementation of the Group Areas Act and forced removals, the Rosmead community was dealt a heavy blow as the majority of them were displaced across the Cape Flats and areas further a field. Despite the odds, many parents continued to send their children
to Rosmead, since it was the only one of many coloured primary schools to have survived in the Claremont area. In the eighties, the pupil roll dwindled and subsequent closure was imminent. In 1987, the principal and parents resisted closure by the then House of Representatives

Tri-cameral Parliament and opened its doors to all pupils, disregarding the segregation policies of the state. Consequently the roll swelled as a result of pupils enrolling from areas as far afield as Khayelitsha, Gugulethu, Nyanga, Langa, Mitchell’s Plain and Manenberg, to name a few.

Today, the pupil roll stands at 738 learners, inclusive of the introduction of Grade R’s, a few years ago.


Due to the fact that we are more a commuter school, rather than a community school, the parental involvement in the school has never been developed to any great degree. This has always been a restricting factor when it comes to parent meetings, parent/teacher contact, governing body meetings and development, parent committees and home visits. A large portion of the learners rely on privately owned taxis and public transport to get to and from school.

  1. Respect
  2. Responsibility
  3. Tolerance
  4. Honesty
  5. Self-worth
  6. Commitment
  7. Creative